Amayo Blu

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Amayo Blu
Profile amayo.png
Full Name Amayo Blu
Race Bluffian,Crab
Size Solo - 6 Blufftons
Voice Egg Shaker
Occupation Chef for The Hard Shell
First Appearance Mystery Taco (Game)
Games Apperance Mystery Taco (Game)

Amayo is the owner and head chef of The Hard Shell, a food truck that famous for their tacos on Bluff Street



Before Amayo Blu was as still in her egg her siblings were attacked by a water creature. during the attack her mother fought back and scared the creature away but not before escaping with three of her siblings and badly scraping Amayo's shell.

Once Amayo was hatched her mother quickly discovered that her left craw was greatly underdeveloped due to the attack. During her childhood years her mother made sure that Amayo was never treated any different from her siblings and as such Amayo never truly felt she is disabled even through her left craw is noticeable smaller and not as powerful

Professional Life

Amayo Blu is the head chef of Hard Shell which she named due to the story of her how her hard shell is what saved her from the attack while in the womb. Hard Shell is the place on Bluff Street to get the best tacos. Amayo Blu found her craft creating unique flavors of tacos. Hard Shell claim to fame is the shape of the tortilla used to make the taco shell which is in the shape of an oyster.

Developer's Note


Main Color: 5AB3E4


Concept Art

Contributing Artists

Assisted by Boon Bazaar