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Template:About: A Bluffian is anyone who lives within the borders of Bluff Street


Rule 1
All adult Bluffians are employed and their job provides a service for the benefit of all Bluffians
Rule 2
All Bluffians wear a hat that is often associated with their profession
Rule 3
No Bluffian speaks in any real world spoken language, voice is associated with a musical instrument
Rule 4
No Bluffian hits or causes physical harm to another Bluffian unless within a physical sport or game in which it is allowed
Rule 5
Pip is the only human Bluffian; all other bluffians are animals and bugs
Rule 6
Elephants are the assistants or apprentices in the respected profession or career.
Rule 7
Bluffians who work for The Office Of The Vote are named after Washington DC Metro stations
Rule 8
Bluffians who work for The Office Of The Bit are named after spices
Rule 9
All Bluffians have a favorite game or sport

Style Guidelines

In order to maintain a sense of uniformity and consistently from one Bluff Street themed project to the next each project must adhere to the following guidelines


  • The color of the hat must match the color triad value of the bluffian's skin color. If project does not contain color such as a black and white drawing for example an effort to distantly separate the hat from the body must be made


There are a total of three distinct sizes for a bluffian. Each bluffian is assigned one of these sizes. All measurements within Bluff Street is based on a unit of measure known as a Bluffton. This is used to help with scaling within the project. Projects are encouraged to define what real world measurement is equals to one Bluffton. We just ask to maintain this sense of scale between various bluffians

Please refer to the bluffian's wiki page to determine their size

Expressions & Emotion

The sense of emotion is strongly expressed in the following order

  • Eyes
  • General Face expression
  • Body Position and general behavior.


A Bluffian does not shed a tear when sad. Sadness can be expressed in a way where they are on the verge of crying.