Bongo Terrapin

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Bongo Terrapin
Profile BongoTerrapin.png
Full Name Bongo Terrapin
Alias Shelley
Born Bluff Street
Age 20
Race Bluffian / Male Turtle
Size Solo - 6 Blufftons
Voice <Not defined yet>
Occupation Private Detective
Parent(s) Unknown

Bongo Terrapin is a male turtle bluffian that lives near Dottyback Lake.



Growing up Bongo was a inquisitive child and would often times wonder around and explore the far reaching areas of Bluff Street, carrying with him two glass bottles one filled with water so he can keep hydrated and the other to keep misc items on his adventures

Discovered the existence of Light Red Head after playing around the shores of Dottyback Lake. Originally he called them Red Head [1] but later changed the name due to Lin's research on their diet

Bongo attended Pip's math class and was taught the origin of the multiplication table by Lin [2]

Professional Life

Bluff Street's detective to help Bluffians solve mysteries.

Bluff Street Tales

The following are stories told through the Bluff Street Tales Writers Group

Bongo's Discovery

Lin's Discovery


Concept Art

Contributing Artists

Assisted by Boon Bazaar


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