Diane Hedron (Pip)

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Diane Hedron (Pip)
Full Name Diane "Pip" Hedron
Alias Pip
Mrs. Hedron
Dice Lady
Born Atlantic City
Age 28
Race Bluffian / Female Human
Voice N/A
Occupation Math Teacher
Parent(s) Fuzzy Hedron
Stacy Clero
First Appearance Dice
Games Apperance Dice

'Diane "Pip" Hedron' is the main character and protagonist within Dice. Pip is the daughter of Zoey Hedron (Fuzzy) and Stacy Clero. She is Bluff Street's dedicated math teacher and creates various Dice games as her hobby when not busy grading papers.

Pip currently lives at D20 Bluff Street. She moved from Atlantic City to Bluff Street soon after her father died unexpectedly during a heated altercation while working in a Atlantic City Casino. Even though she is shy and reserved, she is very imaginative and her house is always open for fellow Bluffians to stop by and play a dice game or two.

When she completes the design of a dice game, she supplies the Community Center with instructions and all the supplies needed to play the game. Once a year she helps host a 48 hour Dice Tournament known as The Hedron Cup. Saliami Hoo has always assisted Pip with the judging of the tournament.



Pip has always been a shy individual, but became more reserved when her father died. Pip and Fuzzy had a real close relationship and Pip still feels the lost from time to time. Fuzzy's love of numbers rubbed off on Pip, she excelled in mathematics and sciences and often would get picked on by the fellow girls and boys in school because she rather learn math formulas than dress barbie dolls. Pip often times thinks about her late father and is seen playing with the Hedron Crab Pendant that has has worn since a young kid.


Pip wears simple modern clothes, nothing too flashy or relieving. Shoulder length straight black hair that is often seen in a bun held up by whatever object she can find laying around the house; a number 2 pencil is the most common. When her hair is down is not styled. She wears jeans and cute short and long sleeve shirts. Her closet is filled with many cardigans. She never removed the crab shape pendant that hangs from her necklace, a family heirloom.


Daughter of Fuzzy Hedron and Stacy Clero. She is named after her grandmother, the lovely Diane Hedron, on her father's side.


Her mother,Stacy, left Fuzzy and Pip when she was a young baby. Stacy has never been heard from since and Pip has no memory of her. Raising Pip in Atlantic City and overburden with financial debt as a single father, Fuzzy was forced to get a weekend job at a casino during the weekend as Pip began grade school.

Fuzzy never married and always referred to Pip as her "Sweetie". At an early age, Fuzzy would often incorporate his love of numbers into everything they did together. As a result Pip excelled in the Math and Science and often times felt alienated from the other girls because of it. One of the activities Fuzzy and Pip greatly enjoyed was "Hedron Game Night". Every day after work Fuzzy would teach Pip a game based on numbers/statistics often times using various shapes of dice. At the end of each game night Fuzzy always gave Pip the dice to keep, Pip would store all the dice in the drawers of her grandmother's old secretary roller desk. On the weekends when her father had to work, she would spend a great deal of time organizing the dice she collected and attempt to invent games to impress her father for the next "Hedron Game Night".


After earning a degree in Math, Pip's first job was working in the counting room at the same casino her father worked at. One night at work there was a heated altercation between a pit boss and a drunk gambler in which Fuzzy stepped in to try to break it up and promote a non-violent resolution. Fuzzy unfortunately got hit in the crossfire and died suddenly. The death of Fuzzy hit Pip very hard and quit her casino job soon after. To honor her father, Pip decided to become a math teacher so she can teach everything that her father taught her including the games they played together as a kid. The new job forced her to move out of Atlantic City and become a Bluffian on Bluff Street

Family Tree

Hedron Family Tree.png


  • Favorite Movie: Wall-E
  • Favorite TV Show: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
  • Favorite Game: Backgammon
  • Handedness: Right