Dice 1000 (Dice Game)

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Dice 1000 is one of the Bluffians favorite dice game and is included in their annual Hedron Cup Dice Tournament

Quick Info

  • Game Type: Dice Roll
  • Number of Players: 2-4+
  • Age: 1-99+

Materials Required

Materials Recommended

  • Sheet of paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Calculator

How to play

One player is declared the score keeper. This player has the final word on any scoring disagreements.

All players start with zero points and each take turns going clockwise around the group starting with the youngest.

A winner is declared when a player successfully reaches 10,000 points.

Start Game

All players shake hands and state their catch phrase introduction

Score Keeper presents each player the score table in which they all have to accept and confirm


To start each turn, the player takes all six dice and rolls them. Certain combination of dice earns points based on the score table. After their initial throw he/she may choose to set aside the dice that scored points and continue to roll the remaining dice to add to their score and run the risk of losing all previous points earned this turn if no scoring combination is rolled.

If all dice is scored (known as a sweep) and the player wishes to continue, all six dice is rolled again and the points earned carries over.

Once a player chooses to stop or fails to score points, the score keeper records their score and dice are given to the next player.


The first player to score 10,000 or more points in total becomes the temporarily winner. Every other player is given an additional turn to try to top their score. Whoever has the highest score over is declared the winner.

Scoring Table

This is the standard scoring table, House Rules may override these points

Single fives are worth 50 points Single ones are worth 100 points

Three ones are worth 1,000 points

Three of a kind are 100 x dice number. Example: three fours rolled is worth 400 Four, Five, or six of a kind, each additional die is worth double the Three of kind

Straight from 1 to 6 is worth 1500 points. (thus making a straight only possible on the player's first roll)

Dice Roll Points
Straight 1- 6 1,500
Three Pairs 1000
3x6's 600
4x6's 1,200
5x6's 2,400
6x6's 4,800
3x5's 500
4x5's 1,000
5x5's 2,000
6x5's 4,000
3x4's 400
4x4's 800
5x4's 1,600
6x4's 3,200
3x3's 300
4x3's 600
5x3's 1,200
6x3's 2,400
3x2's 200
4x2's 400
5x2's 800
6x2's 1,600
3x1's 1,000
4x1's 2,000
5x1's 4,000
6x1's 8,000