Dottyback Battle Sim 2k (game)

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Developers Notes

Dottyback Battle Sim 2000 is a game similar to Battleship but with additional abilities to better simulate a battle. Player is able to move ships and has two grids, surface and underwater. Typical ships and boats occupy the surface grid, The underwater grid is for placements of the submarines. Submarines are able to raise and lower themselves between the two grids.

At the start of every turn the player is awarded 2 gold bars. Every command requires at least one gold bar, some require more and additional inventory items. For example firing a standard missile at the opponent requires one gold bar but moving a ship requires 2 gold bars. All unused gold bars are destroyed at the end of the turn. Gold Bars will and can go negative thus some high cost actions will prevent the player from performing any actions in the next turn.

The ability to move your ships and subs as well as send your scout plane is powered by your Command Center. The command center occupies 1x1 on the grid and can be place either on the surface or underwater grid. If command center is destroyed the player is unable to move ships or send scout planes but can still fire weapons

a space on the grid can only be occupied by a ship or sub a total of 3 times.

Game Modes

  • Battle Sim 2000
    • Main Game Mode
  • Classic
    • Standard 10x10 battleship, only Fire command
  • Patrol Party
    • Mass Multiplayer, everyone has 2 patrol boats (1x2 boat) on a 30x30 boat
  • Formation Designer
    • Create a predefined formation and share with others


  • Players manages two grids "Surface" and "Underwater"
  • Winner is declared when all opponents ships and subs are sunk
  • Each turn includes as many commands as your inventory allows
  • Targets
    • 1 S5 ship (1x5)
    • 1 S4 Ship (1x4)
    • 2 S3 Ship (1x3)
    • 2 U3 Sub (1x3)
    • 1 S2 Ship (1x2)
    • 2 U2 Sub (1x2)
    • 1 E1 Command Center (1x1)
    • 2 S1 Med Ship (1x1)
    • 1 S1U1 Lighthouse (1x1)
  • Non-Targets
    • 1 Big Scout Plane (N/A)
    • 1 Small Scout Plane (N/A)


  • Each object looks like a pin or badge from a Navy Uniform
  • light blue and dark blue foam squares the players places pins on
  • Notepad records all your previous actions
  • past targets is a smaller blue foam square
  • push pins with numbers on them indicate your past fires
    • white is misses
    • red is hits
    • number indicate which round it was performed in.

  • 8x8
  • 10x10
  • 15x15
  • 20x20


  • 0 Gold Bars
    • Command Center Radar
    • Deploy Maximo Depth Charge
  • 1 Gold Bar
    • Fire Missile
    • Fire Torpedo
    • Fire Killer Whale
    • Raise Sub
    • Lower Sub
    • Generate Supply Crate
    • Generate Fuel Tank
    • Increase Maximo Depth Charge
    • Add to Gold Reserve
  • 2 Gold Bars
    • Move Ship
    • Move Sub
    • Fire Maximo Munition
    • Fire Three Blind Mice Missile
    • Fire Double Dolphin Destruction
    • Ship Spotlight
    • Sub Sonar
    • Ship Depth Charge
    • Turn on Light House
    • Sub Periscope
  • 4 Gold Bars
    • Send Small Scout Plane
    • Pivot Ship
    • Deploy Small Scout Plane
  • 6 Gold Bars
    • Deploy Big Scout Plane



  • Missile
    • Grid-cmd-missile.jpeg
    • hits 1x1 space
    • only surface grid
    • cost: 1 gold bars
    • unlimited
  • Torpedo
    • Grid-cmd-torpedo.jpeg
    • hits 1x1 space
    • only underwater grid
    • cost: 1 gold
    • unlimited
  • The Wrecking Bomb
    • A giant wreaking bomb comes swinging from a random direction (North, West, East,South) and hits cells in its path
    • Grid-cmd-wreakingbomb.jpg
    • hits 1x3 surface;
    • cost: 2 gold; 6 supply crates
  • Big Bertha Missile
    • A missile that looks like a big bertha golf club that hits ships like a golf ball
    • Grid-cmd-bigbertha.jpg
    • hits 2x2 space
    • cost: 2 gold; 4 supply crates
    • only surface grid
  • Double Dolphin Destruction aka Triple D
    • Two Dolphins swim and attacks one cell from the West and another from the South cross paths at one point. One hits underwater; other hits surface;
    • Grid-cmd-tripleD.jpg
    • one dolphin hits underwater, surface,underwater column
    • one dolphin hits surface,underwater,surface row
    • cost: 2 gold; 10 supply crates
  • Breach Whale
    • giant whale decides to breach splashes the surface causing them to be visible and causing damage to underwater
    • Grid-cmd-breachwhale.jpeg
    • lights up 4x4 on surface grid
    • hits 2x2 on underwater
    • cost: 1 gold; 15 supply crates
  • Maximo Munition
    • hits ixi i = level of charge
    • cost: 8 supply crates (deploy)
    • cost: 2 gold (fire)

Scout Plane

  • Two types of planes
    • Big plane
      • cost: 6 gold; 10 fuel tanks
      • when launch will scout entire row or column
    • Small Plane
      • takes 4 gold; 05 fuel tanks
      • when launch will scout half a row or column

Command Center

  • Takes up 1x1 on the grid
  • can be surface or underground
    • Is cloaked
    • If destroyed
      • owner can no longer move ships,send planes
      • attacker earns 3 additional action points for next round


  • Max number of spaces able to move is (6 - hits - length of ship)
  • Can not go underwater
  • Can not pivot on a ship sector that has damage
  • If hit can not move during same round
  • When Move Ship or Pivot Ship command is issued opponent is only aware a ship has been moved. Location is not given to opponent


  • object's space on opponents grid is visible.
  • all adjacent spaces of object on opponents grid is visible
  • visible only lasts one turn and fog of war returns


  • raise to surface
    • cost: 1 gold
  • lower to underwater
    • cost: 1 gold
  • can not raise to surface if surface space is occupied
  • Nax number of space able to move is (7 - hits -length of ship)
  • Can't pivot on a ship sector that has damage
  • If hit can not move during same round
  • If any sector is hit can raise to the surface but can not lower
  • When Move Sub or Pivot Sub command is issued opponent is only aware a sub has been moved. Location is not given to opponent
  • When Raise Sub or Lower Sub command is issued; opponent is not aware of the location


  • stays lit until destroyed
  • If placed on corner, able to see opponents grid 4 radius
  • If placed not on corner, able to see opponents grid 3 space radius