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Full Name Nutmeg Ginsberg
Alias Megs
Born Bluff Street
Age 19
Race Bluffian / Female Squirrel
Size Solo - 6 Blufftons
Voice <Not defined yet>
Occupation Computer Programmer
Parent(s) Unknown

Nutmeg Ginsberg is a outspoken female squirrel bluffian that lives near near the C. Lawrence Grove.



Professional Life

Bluff Street's IT specialist and general computer programmer Bluffians. Developed the COS (Chalk Operating System) and most of the applications that run on it. She is also the chief database manager for the Centeral Bluff Street Database, known as CBSD [1]

Bluff Street Tales

The following are stories told through the Bluff Street Tales Writers Group

Nutmeg’s Dev Diary 2.01502


Concept Art

Contributing Artists

Assisted by Boon Bazaar


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