Salami Hoo

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Salami Hoo
Profile salamihoo .png
Full Name Salami Hoo
Race Bluffian,Owl
Size Solo - 6 Blufftons
Voice Theremin
Occupation Reporter for Bluff Echo
First Appearance Election on Bluff Street (Game)

Salami Hoo is the Editor in Chief of the The Bluffian Echo, the local newspaper within Bluff Street that showcases the latest happenings, events and news around Bluff Street. Salami's white and black strip feathers on his chest makes him the most respected judge for all games and events that occurs on Bluff Street.


Salami Hoo is an owl. In comparison to others of his species, he leans towards the smaller size. He has Aegean- blue feathers on most of his body, except on his belly and chest, where he has vertical stripes of black and white feathers running down his torso.




He spent most of his childhood in Clandestine Hollow, a small community of mostly owls. His family then moved to Bluff Street. Although he was picked on because of his strange belly feathers, he never let that get him down. He was always forced into the role of “Ref” whenever he tried to play with others his own age. At first, it was hurtful; he thought that his peers were underestimating him. But after he learned what a “Ref” actually was, he took the mean jeers as a compliment of sorts. His father was a well-known and respected reporter. He ended his career as the reporter for the Bluff Echo, which was called the Cliffside News at the time. Only a year after Salami’s father retired, he contracted a deadly illness. The illness had no cure. Salami’s father spent his last few weeks teaching Salami how to write a respectable report for a newspaper, and in the end, gave Salami his hat. Salami knew about his father’s illness, and promised him that he would take up the role of reporter for Bluff Street. [1]

Developer's Note

Joshua Bennett desires Salami Hoo to be Bluff Street's Mario, the general bluffian that all players of bluff street themed software are familiar with. JBsquared plans to incorporate Salami Hoo into every Bluff Street themed game and app in some way or another


Concept Art

Contributing Artists

Assisted by Boon Bazaar


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