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Stuart is Bluff Street's go to shoe cobbler. Any Bluffian who has feet and wears shoes has gone to Stuart's shoe shop at least once in their life. While he does enjoy his work, he only really works to earn jBeans to buy stickers for his collection. Without a doubt Stuart owns the biggest sticker collection throughout all of Bluff Street.

While not cleaning and managing he various sticker books, he hangs out the Blue House and helps host bingo games for all Bluffians and visitors. The bingo games uses Stuart's bingo ball stickers that he has kindly and continues to donate to the Blue House.

Stuart Rufio
Profile stuartrufio.png
Full Name Stuart Rufio
Alias CP
Born Bluff Street
Age 21
Race Bluffian / Male Catepillar
Size Dixie (4 Blufftons)
Voice <Not defined yet>
Occupation Shoe Cobbler
Kiosk owner for Helpful Soles
Parent(s) Unknown
First Appearance Luggage Lock
Games Apperance Luggage Lock,Bingo Forever


Character Flaw

Stuart suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome. He refuses to 'grow up' mentally even though his body is aging. This became obviously apparent when all his peers and fellow caterpillars from school became butterflies. Stuart refused to morph and now will forever hold the title of the oldest caterpillar Bluffian



Not much is known about Stuart's childhood other then the fact he didn't turn into a butterfly when it was time to do so.

Professional Life

Stuart runs and operates Helpful Soles, a store where one can buy or repair shoes. In order to drive up sales for his business he always trys to promote the usefulness of wearing shoes.

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