The Hedron Cup

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The Hedron Cup
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Full Name The Hedron Cup Tournament

Created by Bluffians to help celebrate the life of Fuzzy Hedron. It is an annual dice tournament played by all Bluffians and visitors. Organized by Pip and officiated by Salami Hoo

History of all games that have been played at the Hedron Cup
Game Years
Dice 1000 1981 - 2016
Left Right Center 1992-2016
Shut the Box 1982-2014, 2016
Ship, Captain, and Crew 1988-2016
Baseball Dice 1986-2016
Crown and Anchor 1981-1993, 2012-2016
Yacht 1981-2016
Bowling Dice 1999-Current
Aces in the Pot 1981-1982,1984-1985,1987-1988,1990-1991,1992-1993,1995-1996,2016
Dice Golf 2014-2016
Two Dice Big 1981-1987, 2010-Current
Cee-lo 1988-2010,2016
Midnight 1981-2016
Bunco 1981-2016